Commutator motors – series, shunt, compound wound, permanent magnet
Voltages up to 250V, Speeds up to 25000rpm.

Induction motors– three phase, single phase (permanent capacitor)
The latest induction motors from Groschopp are efficient, compact and robust. They are designed for optimum efficiency and are available as housed or skeleton, fan cooled or non ventilated, and three-phase or single-phase motor.

The special system on the ventilated models ensures an accelerated heat exchange and this together with greater efficiency has enabled Groschopp to reduce all constructions by one unit size. The shape is pleasing on the eye and compact in size.

Voltages up to 500V, Available in 2, 4 or 6 pole speeds.

Other types of motor– hand held, repulsion, brushless DC/servo
Options include brakes, tachos, encoders, thermal cutout, skeleton IP00 to totally enclosed IP65W2 enclosures, plug termination, stainless steel casing.


Worm, spur, worm/spur combination
Worm, spur and worm/spur combination. Ratios up to 150,000:1. Torques up to 60Nm. Foot, spigot and flange mounting. Hollow or solid shaft.

All motors fit readily to the range of gearboxes.

Bespoke/tailor-made models are our speciality



Jenkins Electric Motors has been the exclusive ZA distributor for manufacturing for EHEIM pumps for many years. Their robust perfect construction guarantees reliable long-term performance.

EHEIM pumpMagnetically coupled
EHEIM offers a range of magnetically coupled pumps with applications in the beverage, laboratory and air-conditioned industries. Versatility and variable mounting possibilities are just some the distinguishing features of EHEIM pumps, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Hermetically sealed
EHEIM pumps have hermetically sealed motors that are suitable for immersion in the pump medium if required. Flow rates from 2.5 to 545 l/min, heads from 0.5 to 3.7 m.

EHEIM Brochure
You can download the brochure of all EHEIM products in PDF format.



Astro offer a quality range of motors deigned with flexibility and reliability as standard. Astro pride themselves on their ability to customise designs for the client.

Synchronous and stepper motors
Synchronous motor outputs up to 30W, single and three phase. Explosion proof and built in inverter models are available. Casings have the option of Synthetic or die-cast aluminium. Stepper motors have outputs up to 60W.

Unit construction system
Astro motorAstro motors feature a unit construction system, compatible with spur gear, flat gear, planetary gear and worm gear. They are suitable for a variety of applications:

– Dosing pumps
– Pellet furnaces
– Analyzers
– Labeling devices
– Actuators
– Valves
– Filtering units
– Course contour guiding systems
– Colour and printing elements
– Small conveyers



The electric motor programme consists of two families of induction motors.

One-phase induction electric motors in 2- or 4-pole electric versions with up to 1 kW in power. To ensure the efficient starting of these motors, a capacitor must be included in the circuit of the motor; these motors are thus also called capacitor motors.

In case of need, for capacitor motors to operate with a variable operation speed (variable speed drive, VSD) the speed regulation function is achieved by a specially developed independent electronic drive – inverter. 

The second family of electric motors consists of 2- and 4-pole, 3-phase induction motors of three size ranges with nominal capacities of 5.5 kW up to 37 kW. These motors have been developed for the target application of semi-hermetic compressors and are therefore also called hermetic motors. In this case, too, we can ensure the VSD operation of motors with an additional electronic inverter.

As the physical bases of the function of induction motors do not allow any further improvement in the energy efficiency of capacitor electric motors, these are being replaced by new innovative, permanent-magnet electronically commuted drives. For the same reason, buyers of hermetical motors who are open to innovation have started using the new design of the hybrid induction-permanent magnet motor LSPM (Line Start Permanent Magnet).

All electric motors are designed in line with the requirements of the target customers; their safety is confirmed by independent certification institutions (SIQ, UL, CSA, ETL, etc.)

The high-quality production of components and final products – capacitor and hermetical motors require the internal control of technological processes of lamination packaging into stator and rotor stacks, winding and impregnation of windings, machining of individual components and testing the suitability of the dimensions of all the elements listed. The automated component assembly into the final product – an electric motor before packaging – also includes the 100% final testing of the properties of electric motors and electric and mechanical properties.

For electric motor drives produced using the EC technology, the listed procedures are supplemented by more complex technological procedures of assembly and magnetising of permanent magnets, the installation of electronic drives – inverters and their programming to achieve compliance with the selected application’s requirements.- Small conveyors



Thanks to concentrating on this product area and long standing experience, we are one of the specialists in the worm gear sector.

We offer real solution competence with our developments. In addition to a comprehensive product range with many different drive types, we also reliably and economically implement individual customer requirements.

The fact that many individual gear and motor components are still held in stock after years underlines the durability of the products and the quality of the services.

This consolidates customer loyalty and justifies the good reputation of the enterprise in the long term. Whether individual or large-scale orders, many RUHRGETRIEBE customers have been purchasing “Made in Mülheim an der Ruhr” drive technology for more than 30 years.